2023 Nov

A Talk About “The Accumulation of Time That Seeps into the Tea Bowl”

  • 7:00-8:00pm

The chawan 茶碗 tea bowl is a special utensil used to drink matcha. The tea is prepared directly in the chawan, which we hold, almost cradle, with both hands when drinking. By feeling the earth that shapes the tea bowl, we merge with nature and refresh our spirit the moment we observe and drink the matcha.
Meanwhile, the tea bowl transcends its function as a vessel for tea. It is a work of art embodying the concept of human harmony with nature. Over time, the teabowl’s color and texture gradually change in juxtaposition with the life of the user.
Ippodo Gallery owner Shoko Aono, who has been entranced by the tea bowl’s deep appeal, curates the annual “Magic of the Teabowl” exhibition as a highlight of her gallery calendar. For Chanoyu Week NYC 2023, she will discuss with collector Henry Whiting and tea master Yoshitsugu Nagano about their encounters with the tea bowl. Together they will explore what makes tea bowls fascinating and share their favorites.