2022 Nov

Kinka presents CHABANA exhibition

Chabana refers to the arrangement of seasonal flowers for Chanoyu. Simple and natural flowers are preferred when decorating the alcove of a tea room. Just as Ikebana and other styles of flower arrangement have their own unique principles and goals, the goal of Chabana is to transpose how the flower looks in nature directly into a vase.
Normally, Chabana can only be appreciated during a tea ritual, but on this occasion, floral artist Eun Young Sebazco arranged Chabana for the show window of KOSAKA, a renowned sushi restaurant in Manhattan. The flowers could be admired not only by guests of the restaurant but also to the people passing by. EunYoung’s style of flower arrangement is a contemporary style that actively uses flowers not found in Japan while maintaining the traditional concept of Chabana.
Chabana is influenced by many cultures just like New York City. The aesthetics of Chanoyu were put on display through the world of Chabana.